FAB Teletransportation


A project by: Fab Lab Sevilla Team with partners around the world


The Fab Teletransportation is a project of the Fab Lab Sevilla in collaboration with several other fab labs around the world. Inspired by this interesting video available below by Nueveojos, which tells a bit the concept of “fab labs” and the idea of ​​custom fabrication. The project FAB Teletransportation tries to make ludicaly real the dream of teleportation. The idea is based on a parametric file of a cup that can be modified and printed on a 3D printer by anyone, anywhere in the world. The code can be modified and manufactured locally, trying to discuss this with the concepts of “co-creation” and “local production”, as these concepts discussed within the framework of the third industrial revolution.

Full Printed from nueveojos on Vimeo. THE PROJECT

HOW TO PARTICIPATE  – Files and Instructions


Instancia de la tacita-de-fab en Rhinoceros. Params: D/2=12mm; ++d=8; H=36, –h=6; e=1.2; Bez01=12; Bez02=-24; “Con asa”; Bez03=6; bez04=12; r=2.4

[instructions / en]

1/ Download the “little cup” [tacita] parametric file, and modify it until you decide on an instance that you like. It is a Grasshopper v 0.08.066 [Jan 2012] file
2/ 3D print it
3/ Give it a name
4/ Make a short video of the process with your cell phone, and send it to us, and/or upload it to vimeo, dailymotion, youtube
5/ Make a picture of yourself drinking from the “tacita” and send it us or upload it somewhere
6/ Send us the data you want to be mentioned in the project credits
7/ Do whatever else comes to your mind
8/ Send us all this info and materiales by Sunday 23rd.
The event, Andalusia Researchers’ Night, will be happening on Friday 28th and we will be producing a video, with all the stuff received.

The project license will be Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike /// [archivos / files] Grasshopper file :: download folder Alternative formats / Rhinoceros file v.01 :: download folder Stl file v.01:: download folder


Fragmento captura definición en Grasshopper. Definición original de José Buzón para Fab Lab Sevilla/CommonFab 07.2012


Alzado sección instancia tacita, captura en Rhinoceros. Params: D/2=12mm; ++d=8; H=36, –h=6; e=1.2; Bez01=12; Bez02=-24; “Con asa”; Bez03=6; bez04=12; r=2.4


Labs que están teletransportando tazas | Fab Lab Sevilla / CommonFab Sevilla / Ultralab Madrid / Fabrique d’Objets Libres Lyon / Fab Lab Kids Brasil / Fab Lab São Paulo / El Valle Mérida Venezuela / Fab Lab Colombia / Fab Lab Barcelona |
Algunos labs en el mundo ya están teletransportando tacitas!


Fabrique d’Objets Libres, Lyon, France :: Samuel Javelle and Stéphane Chaumier http://fabriquedobjetslibres.fr/

20120922_fol_lyon_cup_v01.jpg champagne.jpg

Fab Lab Kids Brasil, Brasil :: Alex Garcia and Kids www.fablabkidsbrasil.org ///


Fab Lab São Paulo, Brasil :: Eduardo Lopes www.fablabrasil.org ///


El Valle, Mérida Lab, Venezuela :: Alejandro Balza ///


Ultralab / Ultrabot, Madrid, Spain :: Gustavo Valera and Daniel Pietrosemoli http://ultra-lab.net/ Pieza diseñada por: http://www.konvertible.com/Konvertible.html  ///


Common Fab, La Alameda, Sevilla :: Juanjo Olmo, José M. Sánchez Laulhé, Belén Barrigón http://commonfab.net/ ///


Fab Lab Colombia, Medellín :: Gabriel Ochoa http://www.fablabcolombia.com/ ///


Fab Lab Barcelona :: Santi Fu http://fablabbcn.org/


License and credits


Parametric variations


The project including all the information related is licensed with Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike. Original Grasshopper file by Jose Buzón; 2012 Original idea for “Fab Teletransportation” by Pedro Soler; 2008 Original idea for networked cup 3D-printing by Full Printed , Nueveojos; 2010 Derivative Project: Cup Design “Diseño Paramétrico para la Fabricación Digital” by Fab Lab Sevilla / Common Fab; 2012 Derivative Project: “Fab Teletransportation” by Fab Lab Sevilla with Fab Lab Kids Brasil, Fab Lab São Paulo, Fabrique d’Objets Libres, Ultralab + Ultrabot Madrid, El Valle Merida – Venezuela; 2012 * Projects derived from this should mention the above credits.

This projects was presented at Fab Lab Toulouse Conference in october of 2012. http://conference2012.artilect.fr/

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