Workshop Conheça o Fab Lab: Como criar um Fab Lab

Workshop at Garagem Fab Lab! 2013, june, 29th and 30th

Results: during the workshop, the participants co-created two different models for Fab Lab.

The first one, is a mix between the academic and profesional model with some good strategies of how to use the Fab Lab for the first time or if someone doesn´t have much experience with the machines.

The second one is about a kids Fab Lab, with activities and special team focused on kids and their necessities. The group gave special attention to construct a really cozy place with a clear focus on sustainability.

About the workshop:
* o que é um Fab Lab
* a “marca” Fab Lab (quando posso utilizá-la)
* como participar da rede mundial
* os três diferentes modelos de Fab Lab
* os projetos de um Fab Lab
* o Fab Lab no Brasil
* kit básico Fab Lab: máquinas, processos e recursos humanos
* a comunidade Fab Lab

Através de um metodologia de oficina de co-criação, os participantes irão “projetar” modelos de Fab Lab que estejam de acordo com os princípios da rede e que respondam e se integrem à problemas e realidade local. O objetivo não é somente a discussão da idéia mas também a materialização desta em um protótipo. As técnicas utilizadas para esta parte do workshop são inovadoras, utilizando Legos e impressoras 3D ou mesmo criação de vídeos experimentais.

Presentation – 1st part of the workshop

Results – 2st part of the workshop

TEAM 1 – concepts, picture of the model and video


TEAM 2 – Fab  Future – concepts, picture of the model and video


 Some pictures

FAB Teletransportation


A project by: Fab Lab Sevilla Team with partners around the world


The Fab Teletransportation is a project of the Fab Lab Sevilla in collaboration with several other fab labs around the world. Inspired by this interesting video available below by Nueveojos, which tells a bit the concept of “fab labs” and the idea of ​​custom fabrication. The project FAB Teletransportation tries to make ludicaly real the dream of teleportation. The idea is based on a parametric file of a cup that can be modified and printed on a 3D printer by anyone, anywhere in the world. The code can be modified and manufactured locally, trying to discuss this with the concepts of “co-creation” and “local production”, as these concepts discussed within the framework of the third industrial revolution.

Full Printed from nueveojos on Vimeo. THE PROJECT

HOW TO PARTICIPATE  – Files and Instructions


Instancia de la tacita-de-fab en Rhinoceros. Params: D/2=12mm; ++d=8; H=36, –h=6; e=1.2; Bez01=12; Bez02=-24; “Con asa”; Bez03=6; bez04=12; r=2.4

[instructions / en]

1/ Download the “little cup” [tacita] parametric file, and modify it until you decide on an instance that you like. It is a Grasshopper v 0.08.066 [Jan 2012] file
2/ 3D print it
3/ Give it a name
4/ Make a short video of the process with your cell phone, and send it to us, and/or upload it to vimeo, dailymotion, youtube
5/ Make a picture of yourself drinking from the “tacita” and send it us or upload it somewhere
6/ Send us the data you want to be mentioned in the project credits
7/ Do whatever else comes to your mind
8/ Send us all this info and materiales by Sunday 23rd.
The event, Andalusia Researchers’ Night, will be happening on Friday 28th and we will be producing a video, with all the stuff received.

The project license will be Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike /// [archivos / files] Grasshopper file :: download folder Alternative formats / Rhinoceros file v.01 :: download folder Stl file v.01:: download folder


Fragmento captura definición en Grasshopper. Definición original de José Buzón para Fab Lab Sevilla/CommonFab 07.2012


Alzado sección instancia tacita, captura en Rhinoceros. Params: D/2=12mm; ++d=8; H=36, –h=6; e=1.2; Bez01=12; Bez02=-24; “Con asa”; Bez03=6; bez04=12; r=2.4


Labs que están teletransportando tazas | Fab Lab Sevilla / CommonFab Sevilla / Ultralab Madrid / Fabrique d’Objets Libres Lyon / Fab Lab Kids Brasil / Fab Lab São Paulo / El Valle Mérida Venezuela / Fab Lab Colombia / Fab Lab Barcelona |
Algunos labs en el mundo ya están teletransportando tacitas!


Fabrique d’Objets Libres, Lyon, France :: Samuel Javelle and Stéphane Chaumier

20120922_fol_lyon_cup_v01.jpg champagne.jpg

Fab Lab Kids Brasil, Brasil :: Alex Garcia and Kids ///


Fab Lab São Paulo, Brasil :: Eduardo Lopes ///


El Valle, Mérida Lab, Venezuela :: Alejandro Balza ///


Ultralab / Ultrabot, Madrid, Spain :: Gustavo Valera and Daniel Pietrosemoli Pieza diseñada por:  ///


Common Fab, La Alameda, Sevilla :: Juanjo Olmo, José M. Sánchez Laulhé, Belén Barrigón ///


Fab Lab Colombia, Medellín :: Gabriel Ochoa ///


Fab Lab Barcelona :: Santi Fu


License and credits


Parametric variations


The project including all the information related is licensed with Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike. Original Grasshopper file by Jose Buzón; 2012 Original idea for “Fab Teletransportation” by Pedro Soler; 2008 Original idea for networked cup 3D-printing by Full Printed , Nueveojos; 2010 Derivative Project: Cup Design “Diseño Paramétrico para la Fabricación Digital” by Fab Lab Sevilla / Common Fab; 2012 Derivative Project: “Fab Teletransportation” by Fab Lab Sevilla with Fab Lab Kids Brasil, Fab Lab São Paulo, Fabrique d’Objets Libres, Ultralab + Ultrabot Madrid, El Valle Merida – Venezuela; 2012 * Projects derived from this should mention the above credits.

This projects was presented at Fab Lab Toulouse Conference in october of 2012.

Fab Lab Kids Sevilla

With 11 students of 7 years old, the first edition of Fab Lab Sevilla developed some activities to involve kids at digital electronic, parametric design, open design, collaborative creation and local/personal production.

_MG_0299 _MG_0220 _MG_0203




Pictures by Camila Magge

Fab Lab SevillaTeam: José Perez de Lama, Juan Carlos Perez, Jose Buzon, Camila Reggi, Fran Dia, Yolanda Guerrero, Juan Carlos Venegas, David Blasco, Heloisa Neves.

And here a report at ABC Sevilla about the project:

reportagem fab lab kids sevilla

Fab Labs around the world

Conference “Fab Labs around the world – a vision at the different models of the network” 

By: Fab Lab Sevilla

Organized by
Heloisa Neves and José Pérez de Lamas

Juan Carlos Pérez Judias, Francisco Diaz, Camilla Renne Maggi, Yolanda Guerrero, David Blasco, Jose Buzón

Conference Goal
Present some laboratories and discuss some concepts of the digital manufacturing laboratories network called Fab Lab, created by the Center for Bits and Atoms of MIT in 2003.

The conference will present different laboratory models from countries like England, Holland, France and Spain and will reflect on the importance of these laboratories for universities and communities in general. Topics like social innovation, open innovation and common will also be discussed. These concepts are considered importants for the ideology of the network.

With the participation of
Heloisa Neves – Brasil
Executive Director of Fab Lab Brazil Association, collaborator of Fab Lab Sevilla and graduated of the Fab Academy Barcelona. She research the theme of Open Design in her PhD, which is currently developing at the same time at University of São Paulo and University of Seville.

Fab Lab Brasil

Personal Page

Fabien Eychenne – France
Project Manager at Fing (Fondation Internet Nouvelle Génération), where works on projects about reflection and creation of a French network of Fab Labs and the emergence of digital and innovative platforms for new models of production. He is the author of books like: “La Ville 2.0 … complexe et familiere” and  “Fab Lab: l’avant-garde of the nouvelle Révolution industrielle”.

Fab Labs Overview by Fing

Fab Lab Tour by Fing

Libro “Fab Lab : L’avant-garde de la nouvelle révolution industrielle”

Click the link to open the presentation!
Captura de Tela 2013-01-03 às 13.26.35

Jose Perez de Lama – Spain
Director of Fab Lab Sevilla, Professor of University of Sevilla, Deputy Director of the School of Architecture. His work focuses on the relationship between technologies and political metropolis. Wrote several books and articles on the subject of free culture and digital manufacturing and coordinates practical projects on the same topics.

Fab Lab Sevilla

Julien Bellanger – France
Founding member of PING, an incubator for innovative projects to social access and cultural uses of multimedia. Currently involved with Plateforme C project, a space similar to a Fab Lab, allowing the implementation of collaborative projects, experiments and prototypes.Charlotte Rautureau – France

Project Manager at PING, works together with Julien Bellanger at Ping and Plataforme C.


Plateforme C


FAB LAB SP Workshop + International Conference

Promoted four days of experimentation and reflection addressing issues like Parametria, processes CAD / CAM, Arduino, microelectronics, custom digital manufacturing machines, among many others. The event was free and open to anyone wishing to understand the subject better.

At Fab Lab SP – Universidade de São Paulo – 2011, december


With: Prof. Dr. Paulo Eduardo Fonseca de Campos – FAUUSP, Prof. Dr. Artur Simões Rozestraten –FAUUSP, Prof. Dr. André Leme Fleury – EPUSP/Produção, Heloisa Domingues Neves – Pós-graduação FAUUSP, Andrea Bandoni – DIGI FAB/FAUUSP, Alex Garcia Smith Angelo – DIGI FAB/FAUUSP, Alexandre Lopez – LAME/FAUUSP and Eric Fernando Teixeira Zompero – Pós-graduação FAUUSP


programa_51    programa_61    programa_71    programa_locais


09:00 – 09:30

FAUUSP – Auditório “Ariosto Mila”ABERTURA

  • Prof. Dr. Marcelo de Andrade Roméro – Diretor da FAUUSP
  • Prof. Dr. Paulo Eduardo Fonseca de Campos – Coordenador do Grupo de Pesquisa DIGI FAB da FAUUSP

09:30 – 10:00

PALESTRA: “A Fabricação Digital Aplicada ao Design e Arquitetura Contemporâneos”

  • Prof. Dr. Jose Pedro Sousa

FAUP-Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto – OPOLab

10:00 – 10:30

PALESTRA: “Biônica: Analogias Biológicas em Design e Arquitetura”

  • Prof. Dr. Mauro Costa

Arquitetura da UIC-Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

10:30 – 11:00


11:00 – 11:30

PALESTRA: Case Study: Inclusão das tecnologias de design e fabricação digital em Santa Catarina

  • Prof. Ms. Affonso Orciuoli

Arquitetura da UIC-Universitat Internacional de Catalunya / Elisava Barcelona

11:30 – 12:30

MESA REDONDA: “A Contribuição das Tecnologias Digitais de Fabricação ao Pensar e Produzir em Design e Arquitetura”Moderador: Prof. Dr. André Leme Fleury (EPUSP)Debatedora: Profa. Dra. Cibele Haddad Taralli (FAUUSP)Debatedor: Prof. Dr. Arthur Hunold Lara (FAUUSP)Palestrantes convidados

14:00 – 14:30

FAUUSP – Auditório “Ariosto Mila”PALESTRA: “Sistemas Generativos de Projeto e os Novos Meios de Produção Pós-Industrial”

  • Profa. Dra. Gabriela Celani

FEC-UNICAMP – Arquitetura e Urbanismo da Universidade Estadual de Campinas – LAPAC

14:30 – 15:00

PALESTRA VIRTUAL: “Fab Lab Costa Rica e seus projetos”

  • Prof. Milton Villegas-Lemus

TEC-Tecnológico de Costa Rica – LuTec: Luthiers de la Tecnología

15:00 – 15:30

PALESTRA VIRTUAL: “A Rede Mundial FAB LAB e os projetos do Fab Lab Barcelona”

  • Prof. Tomás Diez Ladera

IAAC-Institut d’Arquitectura Avançada de Catalunya – FAB LAB BCN

15:30 – 16:00


16:00 – 16:30

PALESTRA VIRTUAL:  “O Projeto FabLab@School: Trazendo a Fabricação Digital para a Escola”

  • Prof. Dr. Paulo Blikstein

Stanford University

16:30 – 17:00

PALESTRA: “O FAB LAB LIMA e a Rede Latino-Americana FABLAT”

  • Prof. Benito Raúl Juárez Vélez

Facultad de Arquitectura de la UNI – FAB LAB LIMA

17:00 – 17:30

MESA REDONDA: “A Inserção da Fabricação Digital no Ensino de Design e Arquitetura”Moderador: Prof. Dr. Paulo Eduardo Fonseca de Campos (FAUUSP)Debatedor: Prof. Dr. Artur Rozestraten (FAUUSP)Debatedor: Profa. Dra. Cristiane Aun Bertoldi (FAUUSP)Debatedor: Prof. Dr. João Bezerra MenezesPalestrantes convidados17:45 – Inauguração do FAB LAB SP – Fabricação Digital do LAME/FAUUSP