Fab Labs around the world

Conference “Fab Labs around the world – a vision at the different models of the network” 

By: Fab Lab Sevilla

Organized by
Heloisa Neves and José Pérez de Lamas

Juan Carlos Pérez Judias, Francisco Diaz, Camilla Renne Maggi, Yolanda Guerrero, David Blasco, Jose Buzón

Conference Goal
Present some laboratories and discuss some concepts of the digital manufacturing laboratories network called Fab Lab, created by the Center for Bits and Atoms of MIT in 2003.

The conference will present different laboratory models from countries like England, Holland, France and Spain and will reflect on the importance of these laboratories for universities and communities in general. Topics like social innovation, open innovation and common will also be discussed. These concepts are considered importants for the ideology of the network.

With the participation of
Heloisa Neves – Brasil
Executive Director of Fab Lab Brazil Association, collaborator of Fab Lab Sevilla and graduated of the Fab Academy Barcelona. She research the theme of Open Design in her PhD, which is currently developing at the same time at University of São Paulo and University of Seville.

Fab Lab Brasil

Personal Page

Fabien Eychenne – France
Project Manager at Fing (Fondation Internet Nouvelle Génération), where works on projects about reflection and creation of a French network of Fab Labs and the emergence of digital and innovative platforms for new models of production. He is the author of books like: “La Ville 2.0 … complexe et familiere” and  “Fab Lab: l’avant-garde of the nouvelle Révolution industrielle”.

Fab Labs Overview by Fing

Fab Lab Tour by Fing

Libro “Fab Lab : L’avant-garde de la nouvelle révolution industrielle”

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Jose Perez de Lama – Spain
Director of Fab Lab Sevilla, Professor of University of Sevilla, Deputy Director of the School of Architecture. His work focuses on the relationship between technologies and political metropolis. Wrote several books and articles on the subject of free culture and digital manufacturing and coordinates practical projects on the same topics.

Fab Lab Sevilla

Julien Bellanger – France
Founding member of PING, an incubator for innovative projects to social access and cultural uses of multimedia. Currently involved with Plateforme C project, a space similar to a Fab Lab, allowing the implementation of collaborative projects, experiments and prototypes.Charlotte Rautureau – France

Project Manager at PING, works together with Julien Bellanger at Ping and Plataforme C.


Plateforme C